Since 1988, YAYA has provided visual arts and entrepreneurship training for New Orleans young people and empowers them to become successful adults. Some indicators of YAYA’s success include:

Amira and Shanti in Clay.jpg

Since its founding, 835 YAYA Artists have received training in personal financial management, portfolio development, college preparedness, career readiness, and professionally transferable creative skills. YAYA Artists have installed over 50 major public artworks in the Greater New Orleans Area and surrounding region, New York, Poland, Ireland, and other locations nationally and internationally.

Last year, YAYA’s Guild, Urban Heroes, Community Arts, and Family Arts programs, YAYA served 4168 young people across the city of New Orleans.


Anaya painting.jpg

Anaya Ruiz - YAYA Guild Artist

"I learn many things at YAYA, not only art techniques, but also character qualities and outside work experience. I am able to be with, meet, and learn from artists with a variety of backgrounds and varying talents. Whether it is how to make a paper weight out of glass or learning how to critique others artwork, I am able to grow as a person."

Amira Slocum - YAYA Guild Artist

"[T]here are different ways to get involved through the program, and it helps us grow as artists. [W]e can never say that we’re limited. YAYA has a lot of connections, so we’re able to travel around sometimes, trying art in different locations around the world, exploring and expanding our horizons, and learning to working with other artists."


Quinton Gilmore - YAYA Alumnus, Urban Heroes & Mixed Media Teaching Artist

"Art has become a mediator with a purpose to not only serve others, but to serve me and to always remember to keep moving forward with love."

Jourdan with YAYAs at Ogden.jpg

Jourdan Barnes - YAYA Alumnus, Mixed Media Teaching Artist